The erotic gift box - sizzling stuff for a sexy date

Geschenkbox mit erotischen Accessoires für Paare

The HOT DATE LOVEBOX is an exclusive gift box for couples, filled with sensual accessories to enjoy and discover. 

 Surprise your partner and  yourself with a special occasion to enrich your love life and (re)discover each other in bed. 

 A sexy date, a hot night or a romantic weekend for two - one thing leads to another, anything is possible, it’s up to you.  

What's in the box

We were together. I forget the rest.
Walt Whitman

Good reasons for an erotic gift:

Make memorable (erotic) moments

Erotisches Geschenk für ein Date

What could be nicer than a sexy surprise? Whether you fancy sexperimenting or adding some spark to your sex life, this LOVEBOX provides inspiration for seduction.


Anniversary, celebration, special occasion

Want to make a celebration extra special? Looking for the perfect gift for an anniversary? This LOVEBOX offers enticing inspiration for romantic moments.

Sexy Upgrade for a Love Weekend

Have a hot weekend coming up? Or maybe you just want to stay home and lock the door...Have this gorgeous LOVEBOX delivered anywhere you like. All you need for a super sexy fun time in one beautiful box.

Freshly fallen in love?

Strolling on cloud 9? Pink sunglasses on? Sleep is not an issue? Enjoy this wonderful time to the fullest! Give this erotic LOVEBOX to yourselves and get to know each other in the most enjoyable way possible. 

The LOVEBOX is the perfect gift for couples

A giftbox for couples, any way, shape or form. Take sexual attraction between two people and add lust, curiosity and the joy of giving, all wrapped up in a wonderful gift box.

The LOVEBOX HOT DATE contains an exclusive selection of erotic and sensual accessories for sizzling sex

01 Ouvert String Harness by Maison Close

The seductive black ouvert-string in delicate lace can be opened and closed with tiny buttons, allowing sensual access as desired.  A narrow black band (adjustable and removable) connects the tanga to the necklace. Details in gold round off this elegant piece.

The French label Maison Close specialises in sensual quality lingerie made of the finest materials. Comfort need not be sacrificed by exciting elegance...oh-là-là!

02 Aphrodisiac massage candle for hot, pampering love

This massage candle by Bijoux Indiscrets not only shines warm candlelight. The heat generated from the flame melts the massage oil (coconut oil) and provides you with a warm massage balsam to pour over the body. Enjoy the candlelight, the warmth and the bewitching scent combined to make this massage experience unforgettable. 

 This candle is scented with the beguiling  Bijoux Indiscrets perfume essence - a scent inspired by Kamasutra and based on a combination of rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine and oriental spices. The room is filled with this wonderful perfume while the hands of your partner explore your us, it’s wonderful!

03 Captivate passion with these bondage bands by Bijoux Indiscrets

These soft, wide satin bands have a sensual secret side. Slip one band through the slit in the other and transform these unassuming ‘ribbons’ into strong holding ‘handcuffs’. The satin material is comfortable on the skin and printed on one side with frivolities in soft velvet.

Playfully discover an introduction into the adventures of bondage with these satin bands. Enjoy the game of tension between power and surrender and strengthen the trust in your partner.

04 Go on a discovery tour with the feather tickler by Maison Close

The Caress Tickler is a high quality feather teaser designed by the French lingerie and erotic label Maison Close. Use this feather tickler to caress your partner’s erogenous zones, or discover the sensual touch of the super soft feathers for yourself. 

 A nice size and shape, this beautiful erotic accessory fits in any handbag and makes for tickling pleasure anywhere you go. Use it together with the Silky Sensual Handcuffs and the Blindfold in this LOVEBOX for new versions of exciting sex play.

05 Shhh, ohhh, ahhh ... sensual erotic surprises await with this blindfold by Bijoux Indiscrets

Did you know that vision is our most developed sense? By blocking this sense out, all of your other senses are heightened.  Your consciousness is changed and your other senses seem to be more intense.  

„Shhhh“ is much more than just a blindfold - it is an exciting invitation to seduction and fantasy. There is a different message printed in gold on each side of the band. One side for unleashing your hot hidden fantasies:  „Ohhhh“ and the other side for your quieter side: „Shhhh“.

Blindfold your partner with „Shhh“ and pamper the body with different texture experiences such as feathers, a massage candle or ice cubes for unforgettable sensual experiences together. 

06 Let the dice fall (and your clothes!) with this naughty game

Two golden dice, two people (or more if you find the right players) and hours of intimate romance and fun. Secret wishes are discovered...and maybe played out, with this sexy dice game. 

Each person writes his/her erotic wishes down and numbers them from one to twelve. The dice decide which of these wishes your partner is challenged to fulfill. Take turns rolling the dice and let an exciting and frivolous game between two lovers begin.

The dice game is wonderfully packaged in a gift box and a sachet, making it perfect to pop in a bag and bring along anywhere you go. Let luck be your lady tonight!