MAMA MIA LOVEBOX: The perfect gift for a new mother

Geschenkbox mit praktischen Accessoires für die frischgewordene Mutter und nach der Geburt

The MAMA MIA LOVEBOX is a gift box for the new mother: Beautiful and practical underwear, nurturing cream for tired skin, and great little gifts exactly right for pampering a new mom.  

Oftentimes after pregnancy and birth, all of the attention gets focused on the new baby. This is understandable, but in all of the joy over baby, we mustn’t forget who got this little person here: MOM! This is the gift box dedicated to the strong mamas without who, nobody would be here. Give this gorgeous gift to a new mom you know...wife, girlfriend, sister...because trust us, they could really do with it.


Mom turned upside down is Wow!
Just a fact

Why the MAMA MIA LOVEBOX is great:

The highlight gift of every baby shower

The baby shower trend is becoming more and more popular all over the world. This gift box is the  perfect present: Unique, practical, beautiful and especially curated for a new mother.  

A well deserved treat after 9 months of production

After all of the joys (and maybe some lows) of pregnancy, and the grand finale in the delivery room, when could be a better time to reward and thank a new mom with a special gift just for her?

For Mom from Dad

Dear Dad, listen up, we’re talking about “BIRTH” here. Mom definitely had the harder part in all this, at least at the beginning. Trust us: Buy the LOVEBOX.

Some well-deserved attention for mom

Everyone is going gaga over the baby (yes, super-sweet!) but we think the baby will probably be getting lots of gifts....Mom could do with some love and attention now as well, maybe more than ever.

Give the perfect gift, before or after birth

This gift box for new mothers contains a hand-chosen, cleverly selected arrangement of luxury basics for mom, before and after the birth.

The MAMA MIA LOVEBOX contains great accessories to help the new mom take special care of herself

01 Being well dressed underneath needn’t be sacrificed during pregnancy and nursing with underwear by SIX STUDIO

Six is a modern desirable underwear collection that redefines maternity underwear. Balancing the need for function and practicality with a considered contemporary aesthetic using the highest quality French leavers lace and Italian jerseys, designed in Scotland and manufactured in Portugal.

Six answers the needs of the modern woman who doesn’t want to compromise her style or self-identity during or after pregnancy.

02 Help restore your pelvic floor post-birth with this trainer and toyfriend

After pregnancy and birth the strained pelvic floor often needs special training in order to be restored. Use the Toyfriend kegel exerciser to help specifically strengthen the pelvic floor and get back into shape 

One of the positive side effects of a well toned pelvic floor is a heightened sense of enjoyment and more intense pleasure during intercourse. Because even if baby seems to be the centre of attention now, your own well-being and shared partnership should not be forgotten. 

03 Restful nights for sleep-deprived parents with this aromatic night time pillow spray

This pillow spray by Bloom & Blossom helps overtired parents to relax and switch off at night. The calming sleep-inducing fragrance, a mixture of frankincense, chamomile flower, rose water and linden blossom, provides a naturally soothing scent to help you unwind and drift into that peaceful sleep. 

Spray this pillow spray lightly on pillows and bedware and tuck yourself in for a good night. Used by both men and women, sleep deprived parents or those looking for a good night’s sleep. It's safe to use during pregnancy.

04 Helps heal sore, cracked nipples and perfect lip care for your handbag.

Nipples and lips both have a very fine, sensitive skin membrane. During breastfeeding the nipples can become extremely stressed and oftentimes need special care. This nip & lip calming balsam by Bloom and Blossom is a 100% natural remedy for dry and sensitive skin. It heals and protects sore nipples and can also be used as the ultimative lipcare.

Nip & Lip can be applied with your finger directly onto the skin. Used regularly during the nursing phase it can help to make breastfeeding more comfortable.  


05 Wonderbalm is the superhero of dry skin care products

Wonderbalm by  Bloom and Blossom is made of 100% natural ingredients and is a true superhero of the skincare product world. Superheroes always have more than one superpower, as does this balm: it is a body cream, lip balm, hand cream and even a diaper cream, all in one. The unique mix of nourishing ingredients helps to transform tired, taxed skin into healthy and silky soft. 

This little life-saver should go everywhere you do - keep it in your handbag, diaper bag, desk drawer, kitchen drawer or under your super hero cape. Just squeeze a little onto your clean finger and apply anywhere it is needed.  

06 Freshly bathed baby scent wherever you need it by The Laundress

There’s nothing like the smell of a new baby! Often we can’t get enough of smelling their little body...but let’s be honest here, there’s also another side to the smell of babies, and sometimes we need help restoring the nicer side, and fast. 

This fabric spray by The Laundress is a non toxic formula with antibacterial properties. It smells sweet and powdery, a mixture of vanilla, musk, lily of the valley, lavender and sandalwood. Calming for the little ones and loved by all.  Use it to freshen up bedware and clothes, and perfect to deodorise car seats, strollers, diaper bags and toys.  

07 No time but need perfect styling? Dry-shampoo is the answer

Once Baby is on the scene, time for your own styling tends to be short (to put it mildly). Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to wash your hair, and that is when this great dry-shampoo by Wella is the perfect answer. It refreshes your hair in seconds! Just spray it on, shake it out, add lipstick and everyone will be asking how you manage being a new mom and looking so great too.

Wella Shockwaves dry-shampoo is suitable for all hair lengths.  Get great volume with no need to use a hair dryer. Brush it out and it leaves no white residue in your hair. Get your Mama-Mane with this great product! 

08 Fit Fiona gives Mom a protein power kick anywhere, anytime

Always on the run, and whether breastfeeding or not, you need to stay fueled. This calls for a handy power snack that you can eat anywhere, anytime. The Fit Fiona protein bar provides Mom with a delicious fuel boost. This low sugar  bar is based on red berries (recognized as a superfood) , covered in dark chocolate and offers antioxidants and proteins too. Whether breastfeeding or not, you need to stay fueled.

 But even with all the healthy aspects, the best thing about this bar: It’s just amazingly delicious! Fit Fiona fits in any purse or diaper bag and can even be taped onto a stroller or jogger for a fast boost on the run.