Geschenkbox mit Accessoires für die Periode und Menstruation

The PERIOD PRIDE LOVEBOX is a gift box containing a great selection of helpers and accessories relevant to menstruation.  It is the perfect gift for every menstruating woman, whether for yourself, your best friend, your daughter, or a special woman in your life.

This lovely gift box offers an especially graceful opportunity to approach the subject of menstruation for girls and young women in a sensitive and lighthearted way. Let’s break the taboos and embrace this part of every woman’s life with positivity. Welcome Aunt Flo! Tea and cake?


A man does what he can. A woman does what a man cannot.
Isabelle Allende

Good reasons to give the PERIOD PRIDE LOVEBOX

Basic set for your period

This gift box is packed full of practical, basic and helpful accessories that women can count on to make menstruation more comfortable.

A gift to commemorate menarche

The PERIOD PRIDE LOVEBOX is the perfect way to  mark a girl’s passage into womanhood. This gift box offers a sensitive approach and is a fitting and worthy celebration.

Special underwear for during your period

Your best lingerie may better well do with a little break during ‘that time of the month’. Great seamless undies to function well under all clothes and with all feminine hygiene products.

Self-Pampering deluxe

Just give me the f*** chocolate! Hormonal fluctuations often call for more direct responses. Sometimes the best thing is to just give yourself what you are craving, no holds barred. 

The PERIOD PRIDE LOVEBOX: Especially for women, especially for that time of the month.

This lovely gift box offers practical help with your period, packed up prettily for plenty of feel-good factor.

The PERIOD PRIDE LOVEBOX, for when a little more love and understanding is always a good idea.

01 Barely-there underwear ideal during menstruation

Ultra soft, extremely comfortable, basic hipster-panties by Passionata. This simple style is perfect to wear with pantyliners or pads, washes well and dries fast. Thanks to the seamless finish they can be worn under even the tightest clothes and will not leave a seam-mark (visible panty-line). The soft material feels great on your skin. 

 Your most delicate lingerie is sometimes better off taking a break during menstruation. With these easy panties by Passionata you can feel free and fine during your period (and otherwise!).

 The PERIOD PRIDE LOVEBOX contains two hipsters in black and one hipster in nude.

02 Say goodbye to cramps with these soothing heat patches by Ovy

These heat patches are a fast and simple way to help alleviate menstrual cramps before and during your period. The heat patches are comfortable, easy to use and barely noticeable to wear - perfect for the office or during sport. These handy heat patches can also be used on other body areas, for example to help alleviate muscle and joint pain, tension, back pain, strains and sprains.  

The two heat patches included in the LOVEBOX are self-warming in 30 minutes and provide long-lasting, steady and soothing warmth for up to 8 hours.

03 Stains don’t have a chance with the Stain Solution stain remover

No matter how careful you are, sometimes in life things don’t go the way you planned. Being prepared often helps to keep the consequences in check. Stain Solution by the Laundress is a great helper against stains, thoroughly removing the little mishaps that sometimes just happen. Perfume-free, biologically degradable, non-allergen and not tested on animals.

The cute bottle fits perfectly in your handbag and is just the right travel size.  

04 Discover no-strings attached freedom with soft tampons.

Soft-tampons complement conventional tampons ideally. Swimming, sauna, sports, nudity and sex are no longer potentially uncomfortable situations due to your monthly cycle. Use these soft stringless tampons instead of conventional tampons or sanitary pads and enjoy all of the activities you might otherwise pass on.  Soft-tampons don’t have an annoying string, are super-soft and are especially flexible to fit your body. 

Soft-tampons can be comfortably worn when other visible feminine protection products would be bothersome.  

05 Zero Tolercramps: Soothing herbal tea for more comfortable periods

This herbal blend wellness tea by Femna aids in making menstruation more comfortable. Yarrow, silverweed, lady’s mantle, ginger, and raspberry leaf help to loosen muscle tension. Lemon verbena and peppermint round off the composition and give a fresh tasty flavour with a light citrus note.  

Femna herbal teas are produced in Germany and made with highest quality herbs. They are 100% free of artificial additives, sugar and sweeteners, gluten-free and vegan.  Femna tea recipes are developed by leading specialists in Women’s Health Care and are subject to constant quality control.  

06 Practical yoga exercises to help against menstrual pain and cramps

Special yoga exercises can help aid you in relief of cramps, relaxation and even help to reduce mood swings. Concentration and mindfulness during the exercises distract your attention from menstrual pain.  Calming happiness-hormones are released, making it easier for your body to relax. Abdominal and back pain may be significantly reduced, sometimes even eliminated. 

The lovingly designed cards were especially illustrated for the PERIOD PRIDE LOVEBOX and show 5 great yoga exercises to help soothe cramps.

07 Sometimes all that helps is to go ahead and give in

Because sometimes all that helps is to indulge. Just go with it and enjoy! Grainy Sue has everything a woman often longs for during this ‘hormonal’ time: Sweet, salty, chocolatey, crisp and soft together. Simply a dream, or: Just give me the f**king chocolate!