SOFIA Dressing Gown Morning Glory


Feminine cut, shorter length, silky satin material in rosé with black edge piping details. Clear lines and a more streamlined, straighter fit. A prettily finished slit on the side allows for ease of movement and shows off your lovely leg. The attached belt, crossed at the back, allows for a flexible waist height. A small heart-shaped secret pocket inside the dressing gown is perfect for lipstick, love notes, and other small items. Your Morning Glory comes beautifully folded in a high-quality gift box, with a hand-written card and kisses from Petit Boudoir.

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Clear lines and feminine, yet straighter fit.

A prettily finished slit on the left side allows for ease of movement and shows off your lovely leg.

Secret heart-shaped pocket for…

The little things that make a big difference: Lipstick, tampon, credit card, condom, cash, a love note, key, diamond ring…Lou Lou has a heart pocket in black.

Attached belt so you never lose it

Belt crosses at back making for an adjustable waist height to fit various torso lengths within the sizes S, M, and L.

Perfect sleeve length

Mid-length sleeves are finished with a piped-edge slit making for ease of movement and a beautiful detail.

Variable collar style

Collar and lapel can be turned down for a sleek smoking-jacket look with a slightly deeper closing height, or keep the collar up for a hint of Kimono flair.

Also wearable as a day dress

Accessorize with style and nothing is stopping you from wearing your dressing gown all day.

Limited editions made with love

Each Morning Glory is named after a famous film diva or muse. The respective fabrics are hand-chosen with care and the gowns produced with great attention to detail. A unique and limited creation

Handmade in Germany

Our dressing gowns are produced locally, fairly, and sustainably in Germany.

Size chart

Size S M L
Chest 93,5 cm 101,5 cm 109,5 cm
Waist 74,4 cm 82,4 cm 90,4 cm
Sleeve length 45,6 cm 46,4 cm 47,2 cm
Slit length 21 cm 21 cm 21 cm
Total length 99,5 cm 102,1 cm 104,7 cm


78% triacetate, 22% polyester: Washable, breathable, non-wrinkling material.

Care instructions

Wash separately. Hand wash with care or machine wash very gently with fine fabric detergent, 30°. Hang dry, iron very cool. Do not dry clean. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry.

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78% triacetate, 22% polyamide. Washable, breathable, non-wrinkle material


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