The SINGLE & SEXY LOVEBOX: A perfect gift for single ladies

Lovebox ist eine Geschenkbox mit erotischen Accessoires für Singles

The SINGLE & SEXY LOVEBOX is an exclusive gift box filled with a delightful compilation of sensual, practical and just plain fun products and accessories curated especially for independent women (You don’t need to be single!).

If you are single, whether by choice, or not, then you know that single life definitely has advantages. Take this valuable time and get to know and love yourself... celebrate it, why don’t you? And for every perfect celebration there is a perfect gift... 

Our selection of sexy got-to-have-it products is tailored to pamper women, and which woman isn't up for a little pampering? Treat yourself, a girlfriend, or both.

What's in the box

Single is not a status; it is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.

A few reasons why the SINGLE & SEXY LOVEBOX is the perfect present:

Cry a river. Build a bridge. Get over it ...

Geschenk für Singles mit Liebeskummer

Whether you just need to cry, or have just had enough of crying, this LOVEBOX makes for a great distraction and so helps you get over your ex.   


Self-Gifting, the new trend

Selbst Geschenk für Singles

Why wait for someone else? Do it for yourself! Give yourself this great little treasure box and smile. Afterall, you get to be The- Most-Important-Person-Ever during singledom. You go, Girl!

Only the best for your bestie!

Geschenk für Singles von der besten Freundin

Looking for something super special to treat your best girlfriend with? This LOVEBOX is sure to make your BFF’s heart sing. 

The perfect present - Not just for singles

Geschenk für Singles und Paare

It may be curated with singles in mind, but everything in this box is interesting for any woman, single or not. This sexy box makes a great gift for a girlfriend, wife or lover...smiles all around!

This LOVEBOX is the perfect gift for singles

The SINGLE & SEXY LOVEBOX is a luxury gift box filled with exclusive, sensual, and even practical accessories for women -  single or not. 

The following products are included in the LOVEBOX SINGLE & SEXY:

01 Slip your booty into beautiful black lace. Good to go anywhere and with anything.

This delicate lace string-panty is both temptingly lovely and comfortable to wear. The cheeky cut sets  your derrière in scene and is finished with 2 pretty bows on the back. 

 Maximum comfort and beautiful details make this string-panty a Must-Have in every lingerie drawer. You can’t go wrong with timeless elegance for your eyes only or anybody else who is lucky enough to catch a glimpse. 

02 My place or yours? Not without the one night stand kit by Jimmy Jane.

This practical, compact set by Jimmy Jane contains the basic essentials which you don’t want to be without for a date that turns into more. Two condoms, water-based intimate lubricant and a couple of breath mints, maybe to share.

Pop this little pouch in your bag, back pocket, glove compartment... and be ready for anything, anywhere, anytime. Perfect purse-size, always in the right place at the right time. Because as they say: Always expect the unexpected.  

03 Inspiration, tools and creativity: BLISS

It is proven that regular masturbation improves self confidence and body-awareness, reduces stress and improves sleep. Yourgasm is an erotic card game including a mini vibrator and intimate lubricant. The 50 cards make for inspiring solo-sex and new and exciting self-love-sessions. 

In keeping with the motto "Make love, start with yourself" Yourgasm helps you to discover your body and better get to know your preferences. Because after all, if you don’t know what you like, how can you expect your partner to? Give your sexuality a nudge, enjoy it on your own or engage with someone else.   

04 Bold Red: Shiny red nail polish by Paul & Joe

There are a few ultimate classics that belong in every woman’s wardrobe: For example, a little black dress, and classic red nail polish. Combine a great red nail polish with pretty much any outfit and there you have it: That certain something that makes the look. Often there is no need for any other accessory.

Set your nails in scene with this shiny signal red nail polish by Paul & Joe. Fast drying, long-lasting and shatterproof formula,  two coats make for an especially beautiful, ultra-luxe finish.  This nail polish, in a most charming retro-style bottle, is a must-have in every beauty case!


05 The Negligé just for you, to show off, for night, for day, for a pyjama party, for always!

Who says that sleepwear is either comfortable OR sexy? This beautiful nightdress by Escora has it all: Wonderful to wear material, finished with lace details in a feminine and easy to wear A-line design. 

This soft, flowing negligé with an alluring neckline and wide lace straps flatters any figure, and gives you that ‘just slipped into something a little more comfortable’ feeling. Sensual and romantic or beautiful for you, and you alone, this lounge-dress is bound to be your all-time favourite.  

06 Crispy Carrie - Simply ultra-delicious

This chocolate bar by the Danish company Simply Chocolate is a delicacy in a class of its own, made from only the best that nature has to offer.

High-quality chocolate and absolutely no artificial additives, this wonderful composition of milk chocolate, crunchy caramel pieces and sea salt is hard to resist.